A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore: Population White Paper

The National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) has outlined the roadmap for Singapore’s population policies in the Population White Paper: A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore (3mb .pdf). The aim is to build a sustainable population with a strong Singaporean core — that strengthens our social cohesion, while providing a good living environment for Singaporeans and maintaining our economic vitality.

In 2012, NPTD embarked on a year-long public engagement effort to gather the views and suggestions of Singaporeans as it reviewed population policies and strategies to help tackle and overcome the demographic challenge that Singapore faces.


By 31 Oct 2012, we received close to 2,500 pieces of feedback and engaged more than 2,200 individuals from all walks of life, including representatives from various groups and organisations. In addition to feedback received through our online channels, we organised dialogue and townhall sessions which provided face-to-face opportunities for participants to share their views and concerns with us. The feedback gathered covered a diverse range of interests and perspectives from students, homemakers, business owners, to educators and retirees. We have provided a summary of the feedback received.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed their feedback and suggestions.

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